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tv   ABC World News Sunday  ABC  January 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i'm dan harris. tonight on "world news," tawdry tapes the raunchy videos that sure faced today, starring a navy commander making homophobic jokes and mimicking a sex act. power play. a new congress is coming to town, and the rhetoric's started to get pretty hot today. can the republicans roll back the obama agenda? ? eye in the sky. george clooney's new project, using satellites to watch some of the world's most dangerous places. can he stop genocide before it happens? and, survivor story. how a 14-year-old lost on a mountain in deep snow and bitter cold survived, using skills he learned from reality tv.
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good evening. the uss enterprise is the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and tonight, the ship's commander is under investigation for making a series of raunchy videos filled with sexual and homophobic humor. the enterprise is set to deploy within weeks and there are now questions about whether the commander, captain owen honors will be on board when it does. we're going to start tonight with david kerley. >> reporter: laced with profanity -- >> [ bleep ], i just [ bleep ]. >> reporter: anti-gay slurs. >> skip to my favorite topic, something foreign to the gay kid over there, chicks in the shower. >> reporter: pictures of women in showers together, as well as men. on a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the uss enterprise. all obtained by "the virginian-pilot" newspaper. the navy confirms the tapes were made in 2006 and '07.
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the skilts shown on the ship's internal system was owen honors was the number two officer on board. >> he is done, and i think he ought to be consulting somebody to get some advice on the next chapter of his life. >> reporter: as of tonight, he is the commander of the enterprise. tonight, with the enterprise turned up in norfolk, the navy will only say owen's status has not changed. but the navy says the videos are clearly inappropriate, that officers are accountable for setting the the proper tone and upholding the standards of honor, courage and commitment and that the navy has initiated an investigation. >> theed a miral and the captain have no idea of the contents of the individual yoechs. >> reporter: throughout the clips, honors says his superiors are unaware of the videos. >> the question is should they have known? a naval commander is expected to take care of the things that come to his or her attention but
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to run a tight ship. >> reporter: the navy says when the admiral of the group learned of the videos in 2007, he ordered them stop, but their very existence raises broader questions. >> i think the sort of insensitive, inappropriate behavior that the administration was looking to change when they repealed don't ask, don't tell. and this will sort of be a test for not only the navy, but for the armed services as a whole. >> reporter: on the uss enterprise facebook page, the comments are mostly in support of cane tan honors, some saying they were a great moral booster. but it is now a navy investigator team who will determine if the conduct was un unbecoming of an officer. dan? >> david kerley, thank you. let's go to martha raddatz in washington. martha, we have both spent time imbedded with the military in war zones overseas what's struck me is that many times you see the middle aged commanders who have the job of trying to meat visit very young people to go
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out and risk their lives for this country. in that spirit, is what the commander did on those video tapes at all defensible? >> reporter: well, listen, dan, there's a lot of raunchy humor out there, and you know there is, when you're imbedded. but he was the second in command of that ship. and you talk a lot about command climate. that's the heart of command clima climate. the best comparison i have is a parenting comparison. parents aren't trying to be the best friends of their children. they are the parent. and in this situation, he was the parent. he sets the tone. he items those underneath him what is appropriate. those who are working for him, what is appropriate in a situation like that. >> is it possible that other senior people, this gentleman's bosses, for example, will be taken down as part of this new navy investigation? >> reporter: well, i certainly think it's possible. they will look at that, as david mentioned, in his piece, one of the admirals was aware of the videos. i think they will try to find out how much he knew, and if
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they are that inappropriate to him, why, then, this captain was cleared to be commander of the enterprise. >> still a lot of questions tonight. martha, thank you. in hawaii today, president obama signed that bill providing $4.2 billion for the health care of 9/11 responders. many of those men and women are now disabled and no longer have health insurance. that 9/11 bill was one of the last acts of congress before it adjourned back in december. the new congress convenes on wednesday, with republicans taking control of the house and enjoying some greater numbers in the senate, as well. and today, top republicans were making it pretty clear that they are itching for a fight with the white house. jon karl is in washington tonight. >> reporter: health care reform was the signature achievement of president obama's first two years in office. now, house republicans say it will be the first thing they try to undo. >> watch what happens. as part of our pledge we said that we would bring up a vote to repeal health care early. that will happen before the
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president's state of the union address. >> reporter: that will be a largely symbolic vote because the senate still controlled by democrats won't vote to repeal health care reform and the president would never sign such a bill even if it did. but republicans now have one powerful weapon. control of the government's pers strings. >> i think you're going to see the fight on obamacare across the board in the house and the senate to try to defund the obamacare bill and to start over. >> reporter: even bigger battle may be over republican demands for deep cuts to government spending across the board. >> there's such a disconnect between this town and the rest of the world. >> this real world stuff is going to get old really fast. this is now your job. security does have to be paid for. medicare does have to be paid for. but the idea, the real world -- these are tough problems. >> you have never, in your life -- you have never done anything on your own with your own skin in the game. >> reporter: in a few months, congress must vote to raise the amount of money the government can borrow or face a possible
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government shutdown. many republicans are refusing to go along with that unless there is a plan in place to balance the budget. >> i'm not going to write a blank check as far as raising the debt limit without us saying, we're going to do these things to make ourselves fiscally responsible. >> reporter: but a top white house economic adviser warned today, failure to raise the debt limit would be, quote, insanity. >> the impact on the economy would be catastrophic, i mean, that would be a worse financial economic crisis than anything we saw in 2008. >> reporter: the republicans officially take over the house on wednesday. their first order of business will be to cut their own budget. that is the amount spent on congressional offices by 5%. after that, dan, they have set aside hours to read the constitution line by line on the floor of the house. >> jon karl, thank you. let's bring in own senior washington editor rick klein. rick, there was a lot of sort of great spirit and talk of bipartisan ship during last month's lame duck session of congress when there were big
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bills passed with republican and democratic support. watching jon karl's speech, it seems like that spirit seems to be dead, at least temporarily. >> reporter: forget about bipartisan ship for the foreseeable future. these new republicans have no incentive to work with president obama. and these tea partiers that are joining them are only going to push them to more confrontation. the only way you're going to get them to the table is if president obama looks to give significant concessions. it's not going to be for awhile. >> what is the relationship now between republican leadership and these incoming tea party insurgents? >> reporter: they are rolling out the well dom mat. this is going to be a celebration here in washington, both symbolic, like the reading of the constitution, as well as the substantive, like the new house rules that are essentially written by tea partiers. the establishment knows they are going to need their votes on tough issues, like raising the debt limit. they have to show respect and welcome for the new members of congress before you get to that point. >> big week in washington.
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rick klein, thank you. moving on now, a deputy sheriff in western ohio apparently has become the first law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty this year. she was shot at a trailer park while fellow officers were attempting to talk to a man suspected of firing his gun inside of his own home. >> and the person inside fired one shotgun blast, striking the deputy and fatality wounding the deputy. >> the suspect was then killed in a gun fight with the other officers. the reason this story is so emotional is the officer who was shot, deputy susan hopper, was married last year and she had two children. we are following a mystery tonight in arkansas. what caused thousands of black birds to fall from the sky, dead, landing on roads, lawns and roof tops in the town of bebe? officials think stress caused by
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new year's eve fireworks and the weather may have killed the boards. they are doing some tests right now. and there was a rather unusual sight in los angeles county today. snow just falling 30 miles knot of downtown l.a., shutting down parts of interstate 5. several cinches are forecast in the hills. rain could cause big problems in the same areas that were saturated by last week's big storms. and now to a plan from one of the world's biggest stars to protect some of the world's most vulnerable people. george clooney knows a little bit about being hounded by cameras. this new project flips the script, using satellite cameras to hound mass murderers. here's nick schifrin. >> reporter: actor george clooney is trying to prevent mass murder. using satellites as a threat to expose fresh attacks on ethnic minorities in sudan. clooney calls the satellites antigen know side paparazzi. >> we feel like this was a chance to be able to stop --
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stop a war before it starts. >> reporter: they are looking for troops massing or john miller dundalk populations fleeing. next week, people in southern sudan are expected to vote to see seed, and are afraid they wonl be allowed to by the government in the north. >> but by this time now, we need protection. >> they will come by force. >> reporter: the u.s. is worried any violence could extend for months, until the vote is finalized. making satellite images from a war zone public almost instantly has never been done before. but the question is, if the international community knows about human rights violations, will it actually do anything to stop them? the world knew about rwanda, but stood by as 800,000 died. the world knew about darfur, and didn't do enough. >> it's unlikely that this sort of satellite project is going to come up with the detailed photographs of actual atrocities that would really orchestrate
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international outrage. >> reporter: clooney and his team argue genocide occurs because it is hidden. >> these things have been happening in the dark for a long time. we're going to be able to show it before hand. >> reporter: and therefore prevent crimes against humanity and prevent the international community from once again turning a blind eye. nick schifrin, abc news, london. and in alexandria, egypt, today, grieving christians attended sunday mass at a church that was targeted by an apparent suicide bombing yesterday. the bomb went much outside of the church at the start of a new year's day service. you can actually see it in that video there. 29 people died in what is just the latest in a series of increasingly violent attacks against christians all over the middle east. and coming up here on "world news" this sunday, she was married at age 8, then beaten and abused. how she escaped and become the world's youngest and most fierce
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she is just four feet tall. at the age of 9, she suffered a severe injustice but she stood up to it and she won. she comes from a desperate and destitute part of the world and she is now a globally recognized hero. martha raddatz met this young girl on a recent trip to yemen. >> reporter: she is so tiny, so young, but the story she tells is a remarkable tale of courage and resilience. she was a child bride. you were married when you were 9. tell me about that, how that happened. >> translator: i came back from school. i was playing outside with kids. and my father called me and told me i was getting married. >> reporter: getting married to a delivery man, 20 years her senior. that night she was enter deuced to him the first time at his family home, not knowing what would come next. >> translator: there was a party there. by the end of the night, everybody started going home and i told them, i would like to go
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home, and they said no. your father has gotten you married. you cannot go to your house again. >> reporter: nor was she allowed to return to her second grade class. but that wasn't the worst of it. >> translator: i used to cry and weep. but no one would help me. not even his mother and his sister. when i wanted to go out, they sent me back to the house and sometimes beat me up. >> reporter: so did her husband, even though he had promised her father not to touch her in any way until a year after puberty. did your husband make you sleep with him? >> translator: yes. >> reporter: her story is sadly not unique. 50% of the girls here in yemen are married before their 18th birthday. 35% before they turn 15. >> translator: some of the girls, they die in pregnancy. the fathers, they don't know the risks of giving birth. it has to do with poverty and
6:18 pm
lack of education. >> reporter: this man has been doing his best to help the young girls here, pushing legislation that would outlaw marriage before age 17. but the greatest help and inspiration has come from youth young girl. she finally escaped her husband's home, running straight to a local courthouse. >> translator: a woman asked me, what do you want? and i said, i would like to see the judge. >> reporter: she won a divorce. now 12, she's since returned to her parents home, to her siblings and to school. her father does not talk about the marriage, but her willingness to share her story has inspired other young girls to escape their marriages, which is exactly what she wanted to happen. martha raddatz, abc news, yemen. >> incredible young woman. up next, the iphone glitch that made so many people late
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today. it also made many people remember y2k.
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they didn't work because of a glitch reminiscent of y 2 k. remember that one? ryan owens is on the story for us. >> reporter: it is the sound we dread most in the morning. and courtesy of apple, millions of americans didn't have to hear it this weekend. just in time for the new year, a software glitch in the iphone 4 turned the alarm clock function off. i talked to a technology contributor becky worley about it with, what else, an iphone? so, again, apple is pretty lucky this was on a holiday weekend, huh? >> yeah, if this had been on a monday morning, it might have been oversleeping about ma get don. >> reporter: studies show half of smart phone users rely on their phone as their primary alarm. >> everybody is having a problem with it, and in fact, employees have been late to work here because of it. >> reporter: they might have been late for work but found plenty of time to post on
6:23 pm
twitter. woke up so late, accidentally of course, i won't blame an iphone glitch, but i will. apple promises it will be fixed by tomorrow, so no excuses to be late for the work week. >> unexpected sleep-in, courtesy of steve jobs, and, inmean, when you can blame it on the iphone, isn't that great? >> reporter: maybe, but this new year's glitch does harken back to y 2 k. 11 years ago, we weren't sure anybody would wake up on new year's day. this year if you had an iphone, you probably didn't. ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. and on this weekend, we here at abc news have been looking into our crystal balls and making some predictions about what might happen in 2011. logon to and watch video predictions on everything from politics to race to religion to the economy. and, up next, how a 14-year-old survived a night on this freezing snowy mountain using lessons learned from reality tv shows.
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6:27 pm
survive for ten hours in temperatures that dropped to minus 17. this all started when he veered off of a ski trail. >> i fell and i went through some trees and got lost. i kept trying to get out of there. and then i couldn't get out of there so i took my skis and poems off and then rolled on my back all the way down until the trees, it started getting dark. >> reporter: after rolling down much of the mountain on his back, jake built a snow cave for protection from the cold. >> i dug, like, a canal, and it was like this, and then it went up, and then it was a little hill over it so the wind would blow over the hill. so the wind wouldn't hit me. >> reporter: after spending three hours in the snow cave with now help in sight, jake used skills he learned from a couple of his favorite tv shows. >> i followed some ski trails and i kind of learned this from "man versus wild" and
6:28 pm
"survivorman." i found the trail again and then i walked down and i saw lights. >> reporter: after following the ski tracks down the mountain for hours, it was jake who found his rescuers. >> i feel like i've gone through something totally unreal. i just -- it's phenomenal. and what was incredible was that jake got out in perfect condition. 17 below zero for ten hours. >> reporter: ten hours during which jake says he was distraught, but never considered giving up. >> i knew i could get out alive if i tried. >> i belt his mother will never again tell him not to watch reality tv. that's going to do it for our broadcast on this sunday night. die yane sawyer is right back h in the chair tomorrow night. i'm dan harris. thank you so much for watching, and good night.
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